カルディア・ファンタジー魔物姫たちとの冒険物語 1.0.041 APK Mod (Unlimited Money)


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Apk Mod Files Free Download カルディア・ファンタジー魔物姫たちとの冒険物語 Android Mobile Game with Unlimited Money, カルディア・ファンタジー魔物姫たちとの冒険物語 is Role Playing Mobile Game. All new and updated version are included in download links of apk mod file, Download links of this カルディア・ファンタジー魔物姫たちとの冒険物語 game are fast and 100% secure from any viruses. Apk-Unlock.com is following the google Play Sotre Rules
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カルディア・ファンタジー魔物姫たちとの冒険物語 Apk Mod Role Playing Game Information.

Game Name カルディア・ファンタジー魔物姫たちとの冒険物語
Category Role Playing
PlayStore ID jp.xdg.and.shepherd

カルディア・ファンタジー魔物姫たちとの冒険物語 games screenshots and apk mod features:
カルディア・ファンタジー魔物姫たちとの冒険物語 1.0.041 screenshots 1

カルディア・ファンタジー魔物姫たちとの冒険物語apk mod Description: 【世界観】
カルディア・ド・アベル(KarDia tou Abel、通称カルディア)——その広大な大陸の名は、そこに住まう人々の古い言葉で“家”を意味する。










【View of the world】
KarDia tou Abel (aka Cardia) —the name of its vast continent means “house” in the old language of the people who live there.

In the first place, there were no humans on the continent of Cardia, and it was a paradise for demon princesses. The demon princesses, who have the same wisdom as humankind, have built a perfect society and a brilliant civilization in this land. In addition, foreigners who came over the ocean—learning techniques not found on the continent from humans, allowed them to stay close to the land of Cardia and continue to live with humans.

However, in h760, a huge disaster called Ragnarök suddenly occurred. The civilization of the continent of Cardia declined greatly and quickly returned to the undeveloped era, forcing the human race who lived with the demon princess to live a harsh life.

In the dark years when even the slightest light could not be found, some of the human beings who remained in Cardia were protected by the high-ranking demon princess and founded a new country to honor the “gods of the heavens”. On the other side of the continent, a new order named “Adventurer” was born after hundreds of years of pioneering.

One day in 1150, a remote lord named Agrain succeeded in tame the demon princess. The birth of a trainer. Mankind gathered the knowledge so far and constructed a method to tame the demon princess. In this way, humankind overcame many difficulties and succeeded in creating a highly developed “trainer” civilization again in the land of Cardia.

Apprentice trainers, train your own demon princess and become the strongest trainer!

[Game features]
▼ Collection and training of demon princesses
In Cardia, 100 kinds of demon princesses are waiting for you! A demon princess is born from an egg, and after undergoing three stages of evolution, a demon egg—a child body—and an adult body, you will grow into your own demon princess!

▼ Scenario and story
The vast continent of Cardia is studded with many quests. Complete quests, collect special scenario CGs, meet people and demon princesses, and enjoy their hidden story!

▼ Battle operation is very easy. Create a team by combining demon princesses and master the original skills to clear the stage. As you progress through the stages, you can acquire more skills!

▼ Ranch construction and management
Become a trainer and create your own Demon Princess Ranch! You can freely build and remodel any ranch at will!

▼ Alchemy and decoration
Create rare equipment by alchemy by freely combining various materials! The collected materials can be exchanged for decorations, so you can change the demon princesses into new and beautiful costumes!

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