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三國主公傳-最強策略放置卡牌養成掛機手遊 Apk Mod Card Game Information.

Game Name 三國主公傳-最強策略放置卡牌養成掛機手遊
Category Card
PlayStore ID com.zhuoqu.sanguo

三國主公傳-最強策略放置卡牌養成掛機手遊 games screenshots and apk mod features:
三國主公傳-最強策略放置卡牌養成掛機手遊 1.3.3 screenshots 1

三國主公傳-最強策略放置卡牌養成掛機手遊apk mod Description: 啟稟主公~~~















Enlighten the lord~~~
The year’s strongest placed card development mobile game is coming!
“The Three Kingdoms Master’s Biography” takes you back to the Three Kingdoms to be the lord and go to the battlefield to fight in all directions!
A lot of benefits, cool and explosive ten consecutive draws, help the lord to restart the Three Kingdoms Lingyun!
Conquer half the world and advocate madness, and then become king at the top of the list, easily hang up!

[Game Introduction]
In 2049, Zhuge Kongming made a calculation. The lord has been back to modern times for more than 1,800 years. It is time to bring the lord back to the Three Kingdoms, put down the war, save the people of Li, and complete the dominance of the world!

In this way, the lord sits on Zhuge Kongming’s feather fan, travels through the time tunnel, and returns to the Three Kingdoms in troubled times.
In order to save the people of Li people and finally complete the great cause of unification, the lord opened:

* Formation, domineering lineup: recruiting troops, gathering of heroes, and hundreds of historical generals dispatched by the lord!

* Array and strategy are king: Wei, Shu, Wu, Qun, God, and Magic six camps can be freely combined according to opponents, 36 strategies to challenge!

* Conquer, clear the battle: restore the story of the Three Kingdoms, hundreds of classic battles and other masters will come to command the battle!

*Juyi, the strongest legion: call friends and call friends to lead small partners to compete in teams, champion competitions to dominate the troubled times of the Three Kingdoms, legion bosses, join forces to besiege and win massive resources!

*The battlefield, the narrow road meet: the invasion of the barbarian, the endless top, the world BOSS, the elite copy, the brave in the arena wins!

【Gameplay Features】
◆Cultivation by drawing cards—The lord is the Bole of a famous general ◆
Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhuge Kongming, God of War Lu Bu, Zhao Yun and hundreds of famous generals from the three countries are selected and cultivated!
There are also peerless beauties of Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao and Diao Chan waiting for the master to develop!

◆Strategy training—Five career strategies to train and overcome extreme combat power◆
Five major professions: fighter, archer, military division, assassin, and auxiliary!
Multiple occupations, free to explore the unknown world of the Three Kingdoms!
Reasonable collocation and strategy form a strong lineup for the king to help the master pass the battle!

◆Easy placement—Placement without operation◆
Send the master’s lineup of famous generals, and the famous generals will automatically fight for the master!
The lord only needs a cup of tea to get rich resources!
Even if the master is offline, it is easy to upgrade and get a lot of resources!

◆Innovative gameplay—free exploration of diverse gameplay◆
Fight through levels, cultivate monsters, team up and compete for champions!
Rich gameplay such as Southern Barbarian Invasion, Endless Summit, and Trial Pavilion!
There are even treasure hunt games to get massive resources!

◆Complete plot—Review historical classics with the master ◆
Taoyuan Jurisdiction, Yellow Turban Rebellion, Beauty Tactics, Fengyi Pavilion!
Fu Zhu Dong Zhuo, San Rang Xuzhou, Encircle Lu Savior, and shoot the halberd door!
Capture Lu Bu alive, defeat Yuan Shao, ride alone, visit the thatched cottage, and the battle of Guandu!
Infinitely exciting plot waiting for the master to experience!

==Official Information==
Facebook fan group: https://www.facebook.com/zgbxz

***Customer service Xiao Qiao offers a lot of benefits for the Lord***
Log in to the game to receive the national gift package code: zg666
The game will give you ten consecutive draws, and in seven days, you will also receive an elite orange general
Seven-day opening activity, ingots are free
There is more free for full-service growth fund
V7 gives Xiaoqiao exclusive service and mysterious gift package

Part of the content involves fighting plots, supplemented by 12 levels according to the game software classification management method and Google classification.
This game is a free trial, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items in the game.
Please pay attention to the game time and avoid obsessing.

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