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APK Mod Unlimited Money

Apk Mod Files Free Download 咖位我最大 Android Mobile Game with Unlimited Money, 咖位我最大 is Simulation Mobile Game. All new and updated version are included in download links of apk mod file, Download links of this 咖位我最大 game are fast and 100% secure from any viruses. Apk-Unlock.com is following the google Play Sotre Rules
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咖位我最大 Apk Mod Simulation Game Information.

Game Name 咖位我最大
Category Simulation
PlayStore ID com.xmyoumeng.kaw.tw.google

咖位我最大 games screenshots and apk mod features:
咖位我最大 1.3.1 screenshots 1

咖位我最大apk mod Description: 大咖都愛玩的明星養成手遊《咖位我最大》閃亮登場!

【簽約藝人 打造巨星】

【造型設計 時裝搭配】

【輕鬆掛機 暢享收益】

【海量劇本 電影拍攝】

【唱片錄製 全網發佈】

【遊艇派對 與友共樂】

【建俱樂部 共踏星途】

聯系客服信箱:[email protected]

Celebrities who love to play with big coffees have developed a mobile game “The Best of Coffee” is here!
You will play the role of a young coffee with a dream of performing arts. Through continuous business operations, you will select new artists, shoot big movies, record new records, match a variety of interesting casual business games, experience different game modes, and gradually become a wealthy man. Top big coffee.

[Signed artists to create superstars]
Artists from all over the world gather, sign up with favorite artists, and create your own superstar through commercial packaging.

【Styling Design and Fashion Matching】
Cool fashion, curious style, funny and interesting style customization, easy to match your exclusive style.

[Easily hang up and enjoy the benefits]
No matter offline or online, you can get benefits, and you can easily improve your coffee position.

[Massive scripts and movie shooting]
Scripts of fantasy, martial arts, urban, romance, etc. are available for you to customize. Choose a suitable artist for shooting. There is only one goal and it is a big box office.

【Record Recording and Released on the Internet】
Choose the style of the new song, add different elements (electronic music, jazz, pop, etc.), choose the artist who sings, release the album on the whole network, and increase the sales of the album through promotion.

【Yacht Party and Fun with Friends】
What kind of experience is it to hold a party on a yacht? Invite friends, gather on the yacht, have fun together, and get rewards.

[Build a club and walk the stars together]
Invite all the celebrities who have entered the entertainment circle to set foot on the star road together, stand out and build your own ace club.

–contact us–
Facebook fan page: search for “I’m the biggest coffee bit” or @R1se2Fame
Join the biggest community of Kabiti to learn more about the game:
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/R1se2Fame
Facebook community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2674478302787385
Contact customer service mailbox: [email protected]

※The content of this game involves some characters wearing costumes with prominent characteristics (chest) and violence (attacks that do not describe the details of the characters’ casualties and no bloody pictures), and are classified as supplementary 12 levels according to the game software classification management method.
※This game is a free game, but there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items in the game. Please make appropriate consumption based on personal interests and abilities.
※Please pay attention to the game time and avoid indulging. Playing for a long time will easily affect your work and rest. It is advisable to rest and exercise appropriately.
· 前往世界各地進行探索,體驗各地不同特色文化,找尋當年下黑手的幕後主使。
· 探索途中可能遇到特殊事件,各種小驚喜,等妳來體驗。
· 收集特產,兌換豪禮,擊敗幕後黑手,獲取特色座駕

· 身為大咖的妳怎麽能沒有豪華座駕呢,快來收集吧!
· 座駕強化,特殊加成,更是必不可少,妳心目中的座駕是什麽樣子的呢?

· 白雪落,鹿鈴響,聖誕樹上雪花飄,活動期間使用水壺和肥料培養聖誕樹,聖誕樹每升壹級都可以獲得禮品壹份!

· 購買完成每日任務獲得活躍度,達到壹定活躍度後可以領取基金獎勵
· 基金任務全部完成後可以獲得偶像碎片*100,可以兌換限定藝人哦

· 新增珍寶系統,收集各式各樣的奇珍寶箱,開啟後獲得驚喜獎勵

· 調整片場及錄音室日榜單獎勵,銀行卡變更為文檔
· 調整經紀人分配後卸任進入冷卻時間,修改為分配時進入冷卻時間

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