Unicorn Game Wild Life Fun 2.1.2 APK Mod (Unlimited Money)

Unicorn Wild Life Fun Pony Horse Simulator Games APK Mod Unlimited Money

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Unicorn Wild Life Fun: Pony Horse Simulator Games Apk Mod Role Playing Game Information.

Game Name Unicorn Wild Life Fun: Pony Horse Simulator Games
Category Role Playing
PlayStore ID game.ws.star.unicorn.simulator

Unicorn Wild Life Fun: Pony Horse Simulator Games games screenshots and apk mod features:
Unicorn Wild Life Fun: Pony Horse Simulator Games 1.4.7 screenshots 1

Unicorn Wild Life Fun: Pony Horse Simulator Gamesapk mod Description: Living in the mountain valley jungle is not like enjoying the modern urban city, so use your survival talent to playing a pony horse jungle life survival game. Survive in severe conditions, facing dangers will change pony life and you will become a super unicorn stallion. Let’s play complete unicorn magic horse life survival missions. Ride a magical animal across beautiful lands full of rainbow and fight with wild wolves & dragons. Level up your steed to improve jungle animal survival skills. Pony unicorn life survival simulator has easy controls that allow you to ride your princess pony.

Watch your pony horse character health indicators, if energy level drops there is no chance to survive. Provide safety to sheep from bad unicorns, dragons, and wolves that will earn you rewarded money. Learn how to ride your pony slime magic horse in the town life simulator and find magic places like fields, forests, mountains, gardens, and villages. To survive in the magic rainbow forest, you need to use all the possibilities. Obtain experience by performing tasks, defending yourself against other animals, and collecting food. Get more fun in the water park and entertain yourself in the unicorn games.

Animals Wild Life & Jungle Survival Adventures:
Safe the pet sheep that is near the fire, get water from the lake in a bucket, and extinguish the fire. A bad unicorn horse attacked on sheep, a safe scapegoat, and take down the rival pony with a magical horn. A wolf attacking sheep, find the wolf, and take him down through the magical horn. Move around and find an apple tree to eat the apple, hitting a kick on the tree will drop apples and eat the apples. Need to drink water, find water lake. Point the horn to toxin water to make it clean and drink it.

Unicorn Horse Racing Simulator:
Start magic horse racing with jumping obstacles. The flying unicorn needs to train himself for the race with other pony runner unicorns. Before racing finds the trampoline. Jumping on the trampoline will increase your mare stamina. Jumping over the obstacles then go through the rings. Try to pop the balloons & searching for the precious gems hidden in the bushes that will increase stamina. Find an apple tree to eat some apples. Run fast and open the gate of that boundary and lead all mounts into the building area.

Unicorn Escape & Pony Life Survival Simulator:
Fight for your wildlife in the town with other magic horse family members, search for food and water, and using water to extinguish the fire to playing this slime unicorn pony life survival simulator. The real experience of colt life survival while escaping, hunting, and jungle exploring all in one single girl’s game. Escape from wild wolves and survival in the jungle is no easy task but hunting will provide you food like orange, and clean drinking water. Unicorn games are specially developed for those who are ready for extreme nature life adventures.

Unicorn Wild Life Fun: Pony Horse Simulator Games Features:

• Help veggie animals & fight for their life against wild animals
• Explore jungle and town, search for food and water, use a magical horn to stay alive
• Use life survival skills to stay alive among dangerous jungle animals
• Eat fruits and find gems to maintain full Health & energy to survive
• Intuitive and smooth touching screen controls
• Beautiful 3d environment, Background music & sound effects
🦄 1.4.7 Fix user game flow to improve user interactions
🦄 Added new gifts in chest
🦄 In game stamina looses when your unicorn will perform hectic activities
🦄 Improve UI experience

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