uses and abuses of mobile phone

 Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phone

A lot of years ago mobile phone was used to talk to each other by calling and sending messages but now it is used for multiple purposes. In this modern age of science and technology use of mobile phones has become an essential need of human beings.

As we know we cannot live without a mobile because the mobile phone is used in every field of life just like, to communicate with each other, to browse the internet, to calculate things, to play games, to watch movies, etc. But if we look on the other side of the picture there are abuses of mobile phones also. So, there are both uses and abuses of mobile phone.

Uses of Mobile Phone

There are many uses of mobile phones. Mobile phones are an essential part of our daily conversation.

  •  A mobile phone is a device that is used to send messages and make calls to our relatives. Now in seconds, we can make video or voice calls even at low cost.
  •  Mobile phones are also used for entertainment purposes like listening to music, playing games, watching dramas or movies, calculating things, etc. Even the pressure of work is also becoming low due to the use of mobile phones.
  • In addition, Through the use of mobile phones, we can send emails to other people or receive emails from others with the help of the internet.
  •  In today’s world mobile phones also play an important role in students’ studies. As of now, mobile phones are installed with multiple apps like Microsoft Office, cam scanner, PowerPoint, etc. So, by the use of these apps, we can make pdf, PPTs, assignments, etc. Moreover, mobile phones also helped students to attend online classes during the current coronavirus pandemic.
  • Additionally, mobile phones play a crucial role in emergencies by allowing us to reach out to authorities and share important location details quickly. The introduction of smartphones has made them even more useful, enabling us to do things like shopping online, banking, and working from a distance.

Abuses of Mobile Phone

  • Yet, mobile phones can be misused in various ways. One major issue is addiction. Many

 students and teenagers spend a lot of time on their phones, looking at social media or playing games. This can lead to addiction and harm mental health.

  • Mobile phones can have bad effects on our society. Nowadays, it’s easy for anyone to get a phone or a connection. Some bad groups or criminals use phones for their activities, and it’s hard to track them.
  • Doctors say that using phones too much is not good for our health. It can cause headaches, hearing loss, or even brain tumors.
  • Furthermore, using mobile phones while driving can be dangerous. In 2019, the number of deaths caused by using phones while driving went up by 33%.
  • Mobile phones can mess up the lives of teenagers. They use phones for many things, but using them too much can mess up their studies. Because of this, they might not do well in exams. Social media is a big reason why students have trouble focusing on their studies.
  • People may find it hard to concentrate on their work or studies when constantly interrupted by notifications, calls, or messages. This can lead to decreased productivity and difficulty in completing tasks efficiently.
  • Excessive use of mobile phones, especially for activities like texting or browsing, can contribute to issues such as eyestrain, neck pain, and disrupted sleep patterns.
  • Additionally, there are concerns about exposure to radiation emitted by mobile phones, although scientific consensus on the extent of these risks is still debated.


Mobile phones have good and bad sides, depending on how we use them.

In considering the uses and abuses of mobile phones, it’s clear they bring both benefits and challenges. In contrast, phones enhance communication and convenience. Even though mobile phones have brought positive changes to our lives, about 70% of teenagers can face problems from using them.

 This misuse might lead to serious health or mental issues, making it important for teenagers to be careful. Striking a balance in phone usage is vital for a healthier and more productive lifestyle.

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